Symposia Schedule

Symposium 1
The electroanalytical journey from the fundamental electrochemical concept to the analytical application

Symposium 2
Scanning probe microscopies: Towards quantitative electrochemistry

Symposium 3
Improving health monitoring and pollutant detection using electrochemical sensors

Symposium 4
Bioelectrochemistry – Diversity and focus

Symposium 5
Electrochemistry of advanced batteries: Fundamentals, progress, and challenges

Symposium 6
Fast processes/power electrochemical energy storage systems

Symposium 7
Electrocatalysis: Understanding electrochemical processes at the atomic level for industrial-scale systems

Symposium 8
Corrosion and surface modifications

Symposium 9
Machine learning in electrochemical materials science: Progress, challenges and opportunities

Symposium 10
Sustainability and green electrochemical science and technology

Symposium 11
Energy electrochemical technology/electrosynthesis and industrial processes

Symposium 12
Molecular platforms and electrochemistry for a sustainable society

Symposium 13
Double-layer reloaded: Theory meets experiments

Symposium 14
Recent advances in photoelectrochemistry and plasmonics: Fundamentals and applications

Symposium 15
Advances in methods for in-situ and operando study of electrochemical interfaces and systems

Symposium 16
General session


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